Monday, August 4, 2008

Shark Attack

Saturday, Tim Haverty, a former neighbor, and I went fishing in Tampa Bay. We caught so many fish we lost count. Sea Trout was the main attraction, but I was able to bring in a nice Mangrove Snapper. The snapper and the trout made good table fare. Tim landed a nice 3 ft. black tip shark. We brought the trout, snapper, and shark home.

I helped Tim clean and steak the shark. It was delicious. He marinated it in some wine, basil, rosemary, and garlic. He then cooked it on the grill. Outstanding.

My snapper made to the grill with a bit of salt and pepper. I topped it with a lemon butter sauce with basil and plum tomatoes. Excellent.

We had such a good time I can't stop thinking about it. I only wish we could be back on the water catching more fish. That's the great frustration of fishing: there is never just "one more cast." There are only pauses between casts, some being much longer than others.

So until the next cast -- and the next fish -- I'll be content with memories and motivated by anticipation.

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